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Trainer & Mentor

Wayne has over 50 years of experience in bird dog training, competing and breeding. His ability to train young pups into resourceful and intelligent dogs is astounding. Wayne has travelled all across Canada participating in Master hunt tests and has received numerous titles with various dogs. He is passionate for dog training and is his happiest out in the field with his dogs. Currently Wayne lives in Regina, Saskatchewan with his family and three labrador retreivers of his own.

Meet The Team: Wayne Nesset


Trainer & Breeder

Axton got his first labrador retriever when he was sixteen. It was a chocolate lab named Bo. His passion derived from both his father and his grandfather and he continues to further his knowledge and experience to this day. His favourite part about training dogs is the addictive feeling of success after achieving a milestone with your dog. Whether it is just learning to sit with a new puppy or mastering a two-hundred yard blind, the thrill is always something to look forward to.

Meet The Team: Wayne Nesset
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